How do I create a bill of lading?

How do I create a bill of lading?

Follow these steps to learn how to create a BOL in our software.

By selecting the BOL type, the format of the BOL is selected. Some BOL options include VICS, Walmart, and WLF.

Charge Terms and Consignee Information is necessary to create a BOL; you can save this information through the Addresses tab.

Pressing "Lookup" bring you to the screen shown below. 

Once selected, Consignee text boxes will be populated with the information chosen; text boxes may also be filled manually.

Product information can be saved through the products tab or entered manually.

Select Saved Products from the Drop Down Menu. 

Enter units and packages as well as other needed information.

Driver Information and Signature are entered below.

A driver can use the "Send Link" button to use or print on other devices.

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